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    2 brand new 72''x42'' windows - ordered wrong size for job

    We accidentally ordered the wrong size of window for our ADU we just built and didn't end up using these. They are brand new, never been installed or used before, purchased directly from Dixieline in Escondido. I called Dixieline to ask what these would cost if purchased today, and they said $567.16 for the slider and $1,018.69 for the picture window (see quote in pictures) so total $1,708.75 if you were to buy directly from Dixieline ($122.90 in tax). They were carefully placed on cardboard against the house when we realized they were the wrong size. No damage whatsoever. Title 24 compliant, low-e, argon etc. Full specs in pictures. 1 x 72''x42'' frosted glass picture window - $1,018.69 brand new (without tax) 1 x 72''x42'' clear glass sliding window - $567.16 brand new (without tax) Both: $1,708.75 including tax

    $455.00 / ea

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