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    300 yards of 12' W Broadloom Carpet w/ Integra HP, Integra 2 Adhesive, MT 900, & Tools

    I have three brand new 100-yard rolls of 12' W broadloom low level loop carpet with Integra HP backing by Mannington Commercial, 8 gallons of Integra 2 adhesive and about 20 cans/containers MT900?? It's the seam sealer. I also have a heated seam sealer, carpet stretcher and extender, carpet knives, measuring tools, prep materials for installing Integra HP backing/carpet and trim, none of which I have a need for, or want. I only inherited this gift a week ago and had to get a storage unit big enough to hold the carpet until I could figure out what to do. What I don't want to do is pay for another month at $200 to store 300 yards of, from what I understand to be really good, really durable commercial carpet, that I have no use for. This carpet needs no padding, as the Integra HP backing is built in. The carpet is still wrapped in heavy duty plastic with tags or labels on the ends. It was left over from a project in Gilbert and lucky me, landed with me. It is very heavy. Is there anyone out there with a need for 300 yards of low-level broadloom carpet with Integra HP backing and most everything needed for the install? If so, please reach out to me.

    $0.00 / ea
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    Brazilian Cherry

    2016 sqft of 3 1/4 x 3/4 x rl , Clear grade Brazilian Cherry - (Austin) condition: new /4" x 3/4" x RL (random length) clear grade :: premium grade wood, consistent color unfinished and square edged brand new, in original packaging

    $0.00 / ea
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    There is 2016 sqft of 3 1/4 x 3/4 x rl , Clear grade Brazilian Cherry

    There is 2016 sqft of 3 1/4 x 3/4 x rl , Clear grade Brazilian Cherry .

    $0.00 / ea
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    Luxury Vinyl Wood Flooring

    Storm Gray color, Luxury Vinyl Wood flooring

    $22.00 / ea
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    GRATO wood flooring - NEW in MFR packaging $14/sf, take all or some

    Wood flooring imported from GRATO (Spain). Custom color (#N21-124/2G), 190mm x 16mm x Random Lengths, micro-bevel edges, Elegant grade, Bona UV-cured urethane finish. 588.99 total square feet 7’ material -- 8 boxes -- 200.01sf 8’ material -- 9 boxes -- 265.05sf 9’ material -- 3 boxes -- 99.39sf 10’ material -- 1 box -- 24.54sf Pickup available, local delivery available PRICE NEGOTIABLE

    $8,000.00 / ea

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