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    Mirage hardwood 3 1/4 inch - 460 square ft

    460 square feet of Mirage hardwood to sell: My partner and I wanted to put down hardwood floor in our new house, but after we pulled up the carpet, found there was already hardwood underneath! Now, we have 460 square feet of hardwood that we can't put to good use. The wood is Mirage, Escape collection, character brushed cashmere finish in color Cold Springs (see sample picture), width: 3 1/4 inch. We have collected, but have not opened, the wood (see boxes in pictures). The boxes contain 20 square feet each. $7/square foot (or $140/box). Price listed is for all 23 boxes. Individual boxes for $7.50/square ft ($150/box).

    $140.00 / ea
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    Durock brand backerboard.

    pick up only!!!! discovered from 2nd contractor that I did not need it. currently stored in garage

    $6.50 / ea

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