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Looking for Concrete Cleaners and Sealers? Find a variety of different Concrete Cleaner and Sealer Products here in our marketplace! At Contractors Overstock Depot find all of your Concrete Cleaners, sealers, supplies, accessories and more! You can also find Green Building Cleaners that are easy on the environment and help you meet LEED requirements. Buy.Sell.Save.Recycle.

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    Diedrich 222 Burnished Masonry Cleaner

    Overstock Item - An overstock lot consisting of 13 pails of Diedrich 222 Burnished Masonry Cleaner. 5 gallon pails. Diedrich 222 is a specially formulated Non-Etching cleanser safe for textured and pigmented masonry and mortar surfaces, custom masonry, and colored mortar. Typically retails for $94.50/pail, giving you a total savings of $331.50.

    $69.00 / ea
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    Diedrich Salt-Bloc

    Overstock Item - We have an overstock lot of 18 pails consisting of Diedrich Salt-Bloc. Salt-bloc is a clear penetrating, breathable, masonry/concrete sealer which acts as a water repellent and chloride barrier. This product normally retails for $149.50/pail. This overstock lot is selling for 120.00/pail, for a total savings of $531.00

    $120.00 / ea

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